Voice-over allows the user to hear the spoken English instruction on worksheets and interactive games. These carefully articulated instructions are spoken at the speed of conversation, and help young children to develop English speaking and reading skills while they excel in Mathematics. 

Through hearing the spoken instructions at conversational speed, children are supported in the process of developing English speaking and reading skills, while excelling in Mathematics. Non-readers and/or students who have English as a second language, will benefit from this feature.

The language of mathematics is given high priority, and great care is taken to introduce new mathematical terms and concepts, and to use a variety of explanations throughout the worksheets. Cartoons are used to reinforce the meaning of important terms and concepts. 

Non-readers and students who have English as a second language will gain great benefit from this feature. Similarly, teachers for whom English is a second language can also use Voice-over to practise pronunciation of the significant phrases to be used in a lesson.