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Maths Builder Program

Maths Builder is a ground-breaking mathematics program built on a foundation of educational rigour and fun. We believe it is the most comprehensive and effective online mathematics teaching program available today. 
This comprehensive program allows teachers to meet the individual learning needs of every child in a class while engaging and motivating students at every level of mathematical skill.
Worksheets provide core syllabus learning material, interactive games motivate children to master the lessons learned in class, and online homework activities consolidate skills and help children to establish life-long patterns of learning.


Six key strands

Maths Builder lessons are presented in six mathematical strands, from Level 0 to Level 6. The strands are:
  • Number and Probability
  • Patterns and Algebra
  • Data
  • Measurement
  • Space and Geometry
  • Working Mathematically – incorporated into the other five strands to help students develop their capacity to reason and work mathematically.


Worksheets provide the core curriculum learning material for each school year and are arranged sequentially through the years.
Resources that support worksheets include interactive games, the Cross-reference tool, language cards, Voice-over and diagnostic tests.
Thanks to Maths Builder's intuitive navigation system and powerful search function, all resources are quickly and easily found. It's easy to move between strands and skill levels, print pages, or view resources on the computer screen or interactive whiteboard.


Putting mathematics in context

Maths Builder's captivating cartoons give life and personality to every lesson, and provide mathematics with an important social and environmental context. Photographs and maps are also used to increase the relevance of lessons. Every Maths Builder resource is carefully designed to engage and motivate children. As children practise and master each new mathematical skill, their confidence builds.

Support for teachers

Very few primary school teachers are specifically trained in mathematics, and need support in addressing the learning needs of every child in their class. Maths Builder gives teachers the tools they need to teach every child in the class at their stage of learning development. This thorough approach ensures that children build a foundation in mathematics that will serve them throughout their lives. 

Support programming

Maths Builder is fully supported by On Your Mark Maths textbooks (K-6).
In fact, when used in conjunction with the Maths Builder online program, OYM texts offer more support than any other series of maths texts in Australia.  


Australian Curriculum

Maths Builder is being revised and updated to support the Australian Curriculum. All existing worksheets, games and resources are being reviewed and modified where necessary. A new search field has been added to our Search tool that makes it possible to search the Maths Builder website using the Australian Curriculum structure.