Maths Builder consists of three inter-related programs. Maths Builder is the core teaching and learning program, School Mastery is for homework and record-keeping and Maths Builder Champion is the interactive games portal. They can be used together, or subscribed to separately.

A 12-month subscription to each of these programs includes immediate access to new material. 

  • Maths Builder
    Over 1600 beautifully illustrated worksheets provide the core learning material. Teachers use the worksheets to plan and present lessons and to lead students confidently through each learning level, from 0 to 6. Each worksheet is supported by an interactive game that reinforces the skills presented in the worksheet, as well as a carefully prepared toolkit of related teaching and learning resources. All resources needed for a lesson are visible on one page of the website. 
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  • School Mastery
    The School Mastery program is now available. Designed for whole class, group or individual use, this ground-breaking program makes homework a vital element of each student's learning process for mathematics. Teachers can easily manage student records and can even send class and individual messages.  
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  • Maths Builder Champion
    Over 1600 interactive games use fun, variety and lots of rewards to motivate children to practise and master all the core mathematical skills in each learning level as they are introduced.  More >>