Benefits of Maths Builder

  • Independence
  • Accessibility
  • Expanding
  • Remediation
  • Diagnosis
  • Motivation
  • Extension
  • Individuality
  • Success
  • Convenience
  • Breadth & depth of content
  • Reading mode

Wouldn't it be wonderful if...

...a student's success in Mathematics did not depend on the presence of a teacher, a stimulating classroom environment or extensive time to locate appropriate resources.

... a teacher, student or parent had immediate access to any Mathematical concept presented in any lesson up to the end of Year 6, including supporting resources, games and interactives.

... this material were exceptional in quality and were supported by an increasing pool of interactive, educationally outstanding worksheets, assessments, games, posters, etc.

... students could easily discover their weaknesses and follow clear directions to treat each one, visiting worksheets and resources that give instruction, practice and then retesting.

... a student could have immediate access to a diagnostic test at school or at home at any previous level of difficulty in any Mathematical topic so that weaknesses can be found and treated.

... students could experience success and not frustration, regardless of their ability level ...if enjoyable games and activities provided the means of mastering mathematical concepts.

... students could immediately access relevant extension work without needing the help of a teacher ...if a love of Mathematics could be fostered without frustration or boredom.

... an appropriate individual program of high quality could be created for each student so that they can work at their own level of development, implemented by teachers, parents or students.

... a student finding classroom work difficult could be tested and provided with work at a level suited to his or her ability so that success could be experienced and progress achieved.

... all this could be done with minimum disruption to classroom teaching.

... students could experience a deep understanding of Mathematical concepts through meaningful and sequential learning experiences that extend and enrich their learning.

... all students could make use of these resources independently, regardless of their ability to read ...if ESL students and struggling readers were given the chance to excel in Mathematics.


Our energies and resources should address the needs of every student

Maths builder makes this a reality

The ultimate goal of Maths teachers is now attainable. It is now possible to teach each student according to stage rather than age.