Frequently Asked Questions - Licencing and general questions

Yes. Click here to see licence terms and conditions.

No. Your Maths software can only be used under the terms and conditions of your Licence Agreement. Using software outside these terms and conditions is illegal. Click here to view the different licencing agreements.

As many copies as you wish. For further information see the Licence Agreement. Click here to view the different licencing agreements.

No. The person who is buying the software must be the person agreeing to the licence conditions. In the case of a school or institution, the person buying must be an authorised representative.

We recommend that new users take some time to watch the videos on the homepage, starting with Alan's introduction video. You could also read information in the 'About' pull-down menu on the homepage. For further assistance, please use the 'Contact us' link. 

Please ensure that your email address is entered correctly. We often receive incorrect email addresses, i.e. emails that bounce back.

Please ensure that you have entered your correct email details. Without the correct email address, we won't be able to contact you. Even better, please tell us which school you are from.

The Maths Builder Champion of the Week is randomly selected from students who have broken three or more records in a given week. Students must enter their name, school, class and country to participate. All information is strictly confidential. Only first name, second initial and school will be displayed. Please read our Privacy policy for further information regarding information sharing and disclosure. (Students can only be chosen once per month.)

Using the Search Syllabus feature, users can search through thousands of resources aligned either with Maths Builder or the new curriculum content descriptions as set out by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority – ACARA.

!2 months from the beginning of the subscription