Frequently Asked Questions - Text books

The production process is different. Most maths text books begin with a manuscript that is often written in a hurry so they are ready for the first year of implementation of a new syllabus. Apart from proof-reading for corrections, there is little opportunity for the authors to improve the quality of the product. At OYM Publishing however, we have taken as much time as required to produce pages of the highest quality. Authors have been involved in the production phase improving content wherever possible. Our series is now complete and it will be linked page by page to this website next year when we rewrite for the National Curriculum.

Certainly. A good Mathematics program would provide quality worksheets. Teachers have limited time to produce such material. A good program would provide a timetable for completion of content, thorough testing options, opportunity for consolidation and extension, and a facility for the mastery of basic concepts and number facts. It would make it easier to fulfill assessment requirements, provide for remediation of skills missed and give students a chance to take pride in their achievements. It should provide teachers and parents with a record of work covered and the possibility of taking remedial measures where weaknesses have been discovered. Inexperienced teachers should gain confidence in their teaching of Mathematics from the use of such a program.

Our textbooks can be used alongside Maths Builder to provide a powerful teaching tool. All website pages have been taken from our On Your Mark Maths series of textbooks and can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard.

The student books provide worksheets for teaching within the classroom. Worksheets clearly teach concepts and provide worked examples, when new topics are introduced. Many consolidation and extension pages are provided. These cater for students needing remedial or horizontal extension. All worksheets on our website have a matching interactive game that allows students to master the concepts covered on a particular page.

There are various types of resources that support the worksheets in our series. Lesson plans, with suggestions for hands-on activities, teaching methods and much more, are available as are many other resources and interactive games. On the website, these can be quickly accessed through the related resource box when a worksheet is displayed.

The Mentals, Fun and Games provide homework activities based on the work covered in the previous two weeks of the student text. These will involve parents in the games and motivate students. These can be accessed through the Maths Builder Resources section (see upper navigation).

Various assessments are available in our Teacher Reference Books and Maths Builder website. On the website, assessments for the whole strand at each level can be found in the Maths Builder Program section (see upper navigation) Progress tests appear throughout the program to assess work taught in a given topic since the previous Progress test. In the Maths Builder Resources section (see upper navigation), term tests, number skills test and multiple choice tests can be accessed. All of our tests are diagnostic, with cross-references for treatment of weaknesses. Answers and test records sheets are provided for all assessments.

Student access to our textbooks and the Maths Builder website will open up remarkable new possibilities, motivating students to improve their skills and knowledge of Mathematics. 

Textbooks are usually dispatched within 3 days of payment. Schools will usually be sent books within a day of the order being received. An invoice would be included from which payment can be made. Postage delivery times after dispatch will vary by country.